ROCKMET GRANULTI   is situated in udaipur in the heart of rajesthan.only the ability and expertise of companies like verde guatemala exports rigorously pursuing the ultimate in terms of quality and processing techniques for many years .can be sure to give marble the true worth of its elegance,value anf refinement . 

company offers its customers a wide range of material to meet all decoration needs: from the rarest and most prized types of marble offered by the world,s markets,such as VERDE GUATEMALA MARBLE  : a beautiful marble used in particular to make kitchen counters and covers, to the best in stone for exterior wall cladding .VERDE GUATEMALA EXPORTS , a company that makes it possible to accomplish new and unique ideas. 

Cutting ,polishing and finished products operations performed using state-of-art machinery operated by skilled and precise staff. Highly qualified personal in our adiministrative and technical offices look after the interests of both our own company and our clients. 

The company is exporting green marble since  to countries like USA,ITALY,GERMANY,INDONESIA,SOUTH KOREA,AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST ETC. 

company  maintains a good reputation with its quality guarantee and on-time deliveries. Over the last few years company  has built its reputation by providing its clients with top quality products and service. Customers, staff and the local community all benefit from the success of company. company appreciates your support and will continue to keep its promises and to promote its products for years to come. 

We have been in business for several years now, and we apply this experience to our customer needs. We have the capabilities to custom-build a product to meet your specific requirements. 



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